Compact transformers target ultrasonic applications

TDK Corp. has launched the new B78416A* series of compact EPCOS transformers with EP 6 cores for ultrasonic applications. These transformers, measuring 9.0 x 7.6 x 7.1 mm, are designed to provide optimal impedance matching between the driver IC and the ultrasonic transmitter or receiver, said the company.

Compact transformers target ultrasonic applicationsThe series is comprised of five types with transformation ratios between 1:1:8.42 and 1:1:15. The SMD-version transformers offer inductance values between 3 mH and 5 mH and are suitable for frequencies between 52 kHz and 300 kHz. The transformers are compliant with AEC-Q200 and are magnetically shielded for better interference suppression. The operating temperature range is -40°C and 125°C.

The transformers are Rohs compliant and provide moisture sensitivity level to MSL-1. Target applications include industrial robots, drones, logistics robots, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), park assist, and systems for fill level measurement.

TDK also offers a Magnetic Design tool that calculates and displays application-related materials properties and parameters for all of EPCOS ferrite materials. This includes new materials for core shapes. It can be used to calculate and display the most important material properties, such as power loss versus frequency, flux density, temperature, and performance factor. It can also perform a wide range of core calculations, including the AL-value in dependence to the air gap, the determination of transferable power, or the calculation of impedance versus frequency.

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