Circular connectors meet medical requirements

ODU-USA has expanded its portfolio of ODU MINI-SNAP push-pull circular connectors with new inserts that meet medical requirements. The MINI-SNAP family with a metal housing is available in a range of configuration options and integrated cable assemblies.

Circular connectors meet medical requirements

Source: (ODU-USA)

The key advantages of using a connector with a metal housing to meet the requirements defined under IEC 60601-1 include the advanced electromagnetic shielding capabilities and the mechanical strength of the connector, said ODU-USA. “These features ensure safe operation and the best possible signal quality in the most demanding of medical environments.”

Medical applications include heart-lung machines, electric bone saws, electric blankets, and electric wheelchairs. The push-pull circular connectors can withstand up to 500 autoclave cycles.

The connector family’s voltage ratings are valid for pollution grade 2 (IEC 60601-1) and the nominal current rating is 7 A. They can withstand ambient temperatures of –40°C to 120°C

The expanded portfolio now includes additional inserts to meet user and patient protection levels required by IEC 60601-1 (2 MOOP/2 MOPP). The new inserts, for the ODU MINI-SNAP L & K connector series, are available in three sizes with a selection of contacts as follows:

  • Size 1: 7 crimp contacts, ∅7 mm, nominal Voltage 36 VAC or DC
  • Size 2: 12 crimp contacts, ∅7 mm, nominal voltage 48 VAC or DC
  • Size 3: 16 crimp contacts, ∅7 mm, nominal voltage 48 VAC or DC

Additional contact variations are available ON request. Other features include reverse gender options and customer-specific cable assemblies with silicone overmolding options.