CeeLok FAS-T connectors easily meet 10Gb Ethernet speeds

TE Connectivity (“TE”), a global technology leader in connectivity and sensing, announces that its CeeLok FAS-T connectors are now available in a square flange socket housing version for a variety of cables and circuits board application. This CeeLok FAS-T connector easily meets 10Gb Ethernet speed needs, as well as the most stringent link budget requirements. This connector achieves excellent signal integrity thanks to a patented T-shaped pinout that provides noise reduction and decoupling to minimize crosstalk. The CeeLok FAS-T connectors are engineered to provide optimum high-speed signal performance in the harshest environments such as commercial aviation and marine/marine applications.

Sean Bonifas, product manager for TE’s global aerospace, defense and marine business unit, said: “The square flange socket measures only 0.913 inches ON each side, which can well meet the needs of customers for high-speed signal transmission, and is very suitable for vibration too large to use anti-loosening. Nut-shell environments. This new I/O connector is small, rugged, and field-terminable, enabling a wide range of industry applications, from airborne applications on commercial platforms to various terrestrial and marine applications. application.”

The CeeLok FAS-T connector provides an easy-to-terminate high-speed/bandwidth interface that reduces size and weight while meeting growing performance demands.

This new socket housing configuration is available with electroless nickel plating or a low reflectivity black zinc-nickel finish. In addition, TE offers a range of lanyard-attached, EMI-resistant, sealed protective caps for use with CeeLok FAS-T plug and receptacle connectors. These caps are specially designed to be IP67 rated and, like the connectors, are available in either electroless nickel or low reflectivity black zinc-nickel plating.

This CeeLok FAS-T connector can easily meet the high-speed signal requirements of current Cat5e and Cat6a cables. It is a true 100Ω impedance connector and is compatible with many other high-speed transmission protocols. It features a crimp-fitted contactor for easy termination and field service. In addition, its unique one-piece rear shell provides 360-degree shielding, which can significantly improve overall system performance while reducing weight and cost.


In addition, the new CeeLok FAS-T Nano circular connector, which is a rugged I/O connector, can meet the needs of 10GB Ethernet performance. Its proven noise-cancelling contact configuration minimizes crosstalk and is suitable for a wide variety of markets and applications, including missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), soldier systems and C4ISR.

Sean Bonifas, product manager for TE’s Global Aerospace, Defense and Marine business unit, said: “The demand for high-speed transmission of video and data is growing throughout the market. The CeeLok FAS-T Nano circular connector is a high-speed/bandwidth I/O connector , its small form factor takes up less than 3/8″ (9.5mm) of panel space, and it delivers the reliable, rugged performance characteristic of the TE Nanonics connector family.”

The CeeLok FAS-T Nano circular connector features an ergonomic miniature design that is lightweight and requires less material, saving costs. Available in board and cable mount versions with quick disconnect and threaded connections, the connector is suitable for weapons, ground support systems, soldier wearable applications, avionics, instrumentation and downhole telemetry tools. CeeLok FAS-T Nano circular connectors are available in corrosion-resistant nickel-plated aluminum or stainless steel.

TE’s new connector system features a T-shaped pinout that provides noise reduction and decoupling to minimize crosstalk for superior signal integrity. This latest addition to the CeeLok FAS-T connector family is engineered to provide optimum high-speed signal performance in the harshest environments, including military, commercial aviation and marine/marine applications.

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