Bourns unveils high-current shielded power inductors

Bourns, Inc. has introduced five new series of high-current shielded power inductors. These series, using the company’s advanced metal powder core, provide the benefits of magnetically-shielded construction for low radiation, high saturation current, high heating , and low DC resistance.

The new models – SRP2010TMA, SRP2012TMA, SRP2510TMA, SRP2512TMA, and SRP3212A – are AEC-Q200 compliant. The devices offer an inductance range of 0.24 – 4.7 µH and a current range of 2.2 to 8.5 A, depending ON the series and part numbers. They are used for power conversion and EMI filtering in consumer, industrial, and a variety of other electronics applications.

Bourns unveils high-current shielded power inductors

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The power Inductor series are constructed with high temperature-graded materials, which are said to provide excellent temperature stability and a wide operating temperature of -40°C to 150°C. By using a flat wire in the molded magnetically-shielded housing, the construction enables lower DC resistance and higher current ratings compared to similar-sized power inductors with traditional wire, according to the company.

The power Inductor series, offered in a miniature, low-profile 0.8 × 1-mm design are available now. The devices are Rohs compliant and halogen-free.

Bourns also recently added three new series of AEC-Q100-compliant semi-shielded power inductors that offer high current, low loss, and a high operating temperature range up to 150°C.

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