Board-to-board connectors fit into wearables

Molex has announced commercial availability of its quad-row board-to-board connectors, targeting space-constrained designs such as smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, game consoles, and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) devices. They can be used across several market segments including automotive, communications, consumer electronics, defense, and medical, as well as IoT.

Board-to-board connectors fit into wearables

(Source: Molex)

Claiming the industry’s first staggered-circuit layout, the design delivers a 30% space savings over conventional connector designs. The staggered circuit layout is thanks to Molex’s collaboration with a major smartwatch manufacturer and a leading developer and manufacturer of flexible printed circuits (FPCs). This layout positions pins across four rows at a signal contact pitch of 0.175 mm, resulting in space savings and high-density circuit connectivity.

The quad-row board-to-board connectors offer a 3 A current rating, meeting customer requirements for high power in a compact form factor. It also provides a standard, soldering pitch of 0.35 mm for volume manufacturing using surface-mount technology (SMT) processes.

Other features include an interior armor and insert-molded power nail, which safeguard pins from damage during volume manufacturing and assembly. Together, with a wide alignment, these features enable secure mating and lower fallout rates, said the company.

Other specifications include a dielectric withstanding Voltage of 250 V and an insulation resistance of 100 Megohms. The operating temperature range is -40 to 85°C.

The quad-row board-to-board connectors are available in 32- and 36-pin configurations with 20- and 64-pin configurations coming soon. A 100-pin configuration is planned. All connectors are Rohs compliant and halogen-free.

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