Attention | The public security organs have further promoted the special action of “Cleaning the Internet 2021” and achieved remarkable results in stages

Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Public Security has deployed public security organs across the country to further promote the “Cleaning the Internet 2021” special campaign. Local public security and network security departments have closely combined party history learning and education and team education and rectification, focusing ON prominent cyber crimes and cyber chaos that the people are concerned about, and continue to We have deepened the crackdown on online crimes, network ecological governance and order rectification. A total of more than 37,000 cases have been detected, more than 80,000 criminal suspects have been arrested, and more than 20,000 illegal Internet companies and units have been administratively punished, achieving significant results in stages.

In the special operation, the public security and network security departments at all levels have given full play to their functional roles and severely punished prominent cyber crimes. In the campaign to crack down on “infringement of citizens’ personal information”, we carried out in-depth inspections of citizens’ personal information and data security law enforcement, cracked down on illegal collection, provision, and reselling of personal information in the entire chain, detected more than 3,900 cases, and arrested more than 4,600 criminal suspects , There are more than 500 “inner ghosts” in the industry, making every effort to safeguard the security and legitimate rights and interests of citizens’ personal information. In the crackdown on telecommunication network fraud and online gambling crimes, we strengthened the governance of key industries such as fund settlement, technology development, material supply, and drainage and promotion, and detected 16,600 criminal cases of providing network support for telecommunication network fraud and gambling. , arrested 49,000 suspects. In the crackdown on “Internet Water Army”, we continued to focus on cracking down on illegal and criminal activities such as extortion and extortion through the use of the media. More than 190 cases were detected, more than 1,400 persons involved were arrested, and more than 950 illegal websites were shut down in accordance with the law. In the “Protecting Seedlings” campaign, crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as online pornography and pornography involving young people, strengthen early warning and intervention for young people’s “suicide” and “self-harm” and other behavioral trends, and cooperate with the education department to carry out timely prevention, dissuasion and counseling work, and detect endangering young people. In more than 60 cases, more than 300 criminal suspects were investigated and punished, 16 pornographic websites involving minors were destroyed, 4 gangs that produced and sold pornographic materials for minors were destroyed, more than 120 minors were saved, and teenagers who attempted suicide were saved. More than 390 people. In the crackdown on cyber hackers, the company has dug deep into the production and sale of Trojans, ransomware and DDos attacks, solved more than 900 cases and arrested more than 2,100 criminal suspects. In the crackdown on online exam-related crimes, we insisted on maintaining the safety and order of various exams with a “zero tolerance” attitude, solved more than 70 cases, arrested more than 450 criminal suspects, and confiscated more than 1,600 eavesdropping equipment used for exam cheating. set.

Public security and network security departments at all levels have firmly established the concept of “paying equal attention to cybercrime crackdown and network ecological governance”, in-depth and timely investigation and plugging of security loopholes, and strictly regulated and urged Internet companies to conscientiously implement their main security responsibilities. In the “Four Disruptions” campaign against online black and gray production, a nationwide campaign was organized to crack down on four important “criminal materials” for disrupting four types of cyber crimes: “black cards”, “black numbers”, “black lines”, and “black equipment”. Black card supply and reselling gangs, black number coding and receiving platforms, black line agency rental services, black equipment production and sales enterprises, detected more than 15,000 cases, and arrested more than 23,000 criminal suspects such as “card merchants” and “number merchants” , seized 3.83 million mobile phone black cards involved in the case, seized 8.64 million maliciously registered online accounts, and seized more than 10,000 black-produced devices such as “Maochi” and “GOIP”. In the “four governance” operation of online black and gray production, focusing on “payment and settlement”, “advertising promotion”, “site construction facilities” and “technical support”, four key industries that provide support for cybercrime, destroy more than 250 illegal fourth-party payment platforms There are more than 490 money laundering and scoring gangs, more than 370 illegal APP promotion gangs, more than 80 illegal website building gangs, 11 illegal APP signing gangs and more than 230 other technical support gangs. In the “four-pipes” action of network governance, focusing on the platform that provides a place for cybercrime, it organized the investigation and punishment of 60 illegal instant messaging tools, more than 30 illegal APP packaging or distribution platforms, and handled more than 80 cases involving dynamic IP proxy services. Shut down more than 5,000 illegal broadband accounts.

The relevant person in charge of the Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said that the public security organs will always adhere to the people-centered development concept, continuously strengthen organizational leadership, deepen cooperation and cooperation, strengthen capacity building, integrate resources and force, and solidly and deeply promote the “Clean Internet 2021” special action. , resolutely fight the war of annihilation of cybercrime and the ecological governance of cyberspace, and make every effort to maintain cyberspace security, data security and social and public security.