Atmosic and Universal Electronics form technology partnership in energy harvesting

October 12, 2021 – Beijing, China

Atmosic Technologies, an innovator of ultra-low power wireless technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today that it is partnering with Universal Electronics Inc. (“UEI”, Nass), a global leader in wireless universal control solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices. Dak (stock code: UEIC) to jointly develop a series of ultra-low-power remote controls and smart home products capable of harvesting energy from indoor ambient light sources.

David Su, CEO of Atmosic, said: “Atmosic provides ultra-low-power wireless solutions for IoT devices, helps solve the growing phenomenon of battery waste, and brings a better experience to consumers by eliminating the need for battery replacement. Proud. The combination of Atmosic’s low-power energy harvesting solutions and UEI’s expertise and leadership in the entertainment control and smart home markets will deliver the most energy-efficient remote controls to date.”

Atmosic’s innovative solutions rely ON its Bluetooth 5 wireless platform ultra-low-power RF technology, which consumes only a quarter of the power consumption of the best competitors. Some of Atmosic’s systems-on-chips (SoCs) also integrate controlled energy harvesting technology to harvest energy from a variety of ambient light sources, such as photovoltaic (PV) energy from indoor and outdoor lighting and radio waves. This powerful combination of ultra-low energy Bluetooth (LE) radio frequency technology and controlled energy harvesting technology can significantly extend battery life, allowing the device to eliminate the need for battery replacement throughout the life of the device. Atmosic’s technology could even eliminate the need for batteries entirely, helping to reduce the use of billions of batteries and the resulting environmental pollution over the next few years.

“As the leading technology platform in entertainment controls, we have a responsibility to help the industry transition to a more sustainable future, reducing the use of billions of batteries over the life cycle of next-generation products,” said Arsham Hatambeiki, UEI’s senior vice president of products and technologies. , while reducing maintenance costs and enabling new experiences. We look forward to working with Atmosic to enhance current and next-generation solutions in our lineup, bringing customers unprecedented levels of ultra-low power voice entertainment control and smart home platforms Innovative experience.”

Atmosic’s SoCs combine ultra-low energy Bluetooth technology (LE) with an integrated power management unit (PMU), enabling direct connection to energy harvesting components such as photovoltaic cells and radio frequency (RF) antennas. An integrated PMU brings several advantages, such as reducing bill of materials (BOM) costs by eliminating the need for a separate energy-harvesting chip, while increasing the efficiency of the use of harvested energy. Another advantage of this low-power, highly integrated design is that the remote control can use smaller photovoltaic cells to further reduce the cost and footprint of photovoltaic cells. In addition to using photovoltaic energy sources, Atmosic’s energy harvesting solutions enable IoT devices to use the harvested RF energy for remote control operations, while storing the energy for future use.