Artificial intelligence technology will be the development direction of the future medical industry

“Future clinic” is artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis technology, which has made breakthrough contributions in the diagnosis and treatment of some diseases, and can greatly reduce the cost and time of disease screening. At present, artificial intelligence medical imaging-assisted diagnosis systems are mainly used in the early screening of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lung cancer, hip joints and other diseases. Through the application of this system, the diagnosis process in the past 4 to 6 hours was shortened to 10 minutes, and the accuracy rate was increased to 91%.

  Artificial intelligence technology will be the development direction of the future medical industry

Moreover, the “future clinic” is not limited to a certain device, but a comprehensive, new generation of diagnosis and treatment technology including mobile terminal, diagnosis and treatment terminal, analysis terminal, management terminal, etc., patient file management, intelligent doctor decision-making and other health care. The service will also be followed up simultaneously to form an integrated “ecosystem” of diagnosis and treatment for two-way medical referral and chronic disease management.

The development trend of intelligent and fast diagnosis and treatment provides favorable conditions for the downward extension of medical resources, and helps to improve the efficiency of early screening and diagnosis of diseases. For example, equipping rural doctors with intelligent portable diagnosis and treatment equipment will greatly improve the accuracy and convenience of diagnosis and treatment, realize the sinking of equipment and technology, and promote the equalization and quality of basic public health services. At the same time, the big data interrogation system can provide doctors with more targeted diagnosis suggestions based ON the symptoms and personal information of patients, so as to improve the dilemma of the relative lack of basic medical knowledge.


To make good use of new medical technology and equipment, more professional medical personnel and technical personnel are needed to make the technology and equipment work better. It should be noted that at present, my country is still relatively insufficient in terms of both primary medical practitioners and related technical talents. For current medical practitioners, how to keep up with the trend of the times and overcome knowledge shortcomings is related to the effective promotion of intelligent diagnosis and treatment. In addition, in dealing with issues such as the connection between “future clinics” and existing medical institutions, it is also necessary to issue policies and regulations in a timely manner to promote the healthy development of related diagnosis and treatment services, so that people can better enjoy the dividends of medical technology.

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