Aqara smoke alarm, safe guarding home safety

In this article, the editor will introduce the latest smart home product released by Xiaomi today – Aqara smoke alarm. What is its specific situation? Let’s take a look.

The Aqara smoke alarm has a built-in telecommunications NB-loT card. Even if the home is powered off or disconnected from the network, it can still send an alarm reminder, and push the alarm reminder through the Xiaomi Mijia APP. At the same time, it supports multi-person notifications, which can be shared with 5 users in the APP, and they can all receive timely reminders.

It uses a photoelectric sensor to detect smoldering conditions. When the smoke concentration reaches the warning threshold, the smoke alarm enters the fire alarm mode, and emits a high-decibel progressive sound and a red flashing reminder, which can be as high as 80 decibels within 3 meters, reminding the people in the house to take measures in time.

The thoughtfully designed hidden smoke chamber is dust-proof and insect-proof, reducing false alarms caused by daily dust accumulation. High-grade flame-retardant materials are selected to protect the internal components from working normally in the event of a fire. The built-in low-power chip has a battery life of 2 years under normal conditions, and has passed the CCC fire certification.

It has been connected to Xiaomi Mijia. Through the Xiaomi Mijia APP, it can be linked with more smart devices to realize security monitoring and further take emergency measures. prevent further losses.

In terms of functions, it has network signal strength indicator, low battery reminder, back cover opening reminder, etc., all in the mobile APP, to help you troubleshoot equipment hidden dangers, and support APP long press to silence, to avoid the traditional manual operation of silencing troubles.

Through the introduction of the editor, I wonder if you are full of interest in this smoke alarm? If you want to know more about the Aqara smoke alarm, you may try Du Niang for more information.

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