Apple’s first single-quarter revenue exceeded $100 billion, with sales in Greater China reaching $21.3 billion

ON Wednesday, Apple released its earnings report for the first quarter of fiscal 2021, and the data showed that Apple’s revenue for the quarter was $111.4 billion. It was the first time Apple broke the symbolic $100 billion mark in a single quarter, with sales up 21% year over year.

According to the data, this quarter’s quarterly results were not just driven by sales of the iPhone 12 series. Sales in each of Apple’s product categories rose by double-digit percentages, which also beat Wall Street’s expectations. in:

iPhone revenue: $65.6 billion, up 17% from the $59.8 billion expected;

Services revenue: $15.76 billion, up 24% from the $14.8 billion expected;

Other product revenue: $12.97 billion, up 29% from an estimated $11.96 billion;

Mac revenue: $8.68 billion, up 21% from the $8.69 billion expected;

iPad revenue: $8.44 billion, up 41% from estimates of $7.46 billion.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said the results could have been better had it not been for the coronavirus pandemic that forced Apple to temporarily close some of its Apple stores around the world.

In addition, Cook said: “Excluding the temporary store closures, the lack of iPhone and wearables supplies also dragged down revenue growth.”

In October 2020, Apple released the iPhone 12 series models. Four iPhone 12 series phones are Apple’s first models to support 5G, and investors believe that 5G models may prompt “super cycle” users to be keen to upgrade, and as a result, iPhone revenue increased by 17% compared with the same period last year.

“They’re full of features that customers love, and they’re right where the 5G network is at the right moment,” Cook said.

In addition, Apple highlighted in the release that international sales accounted for 64% of the company’s total sales during the quarter, up from 61% in the same period last year.

Among them, the situation in China, the company’s third largest market, has always been a topic of discussion among investors. Apple’s sales in Greater China, which includes Taiwan and Hong Kong, rose nearly 57 percent to $21.3 billion.