Analog Devices establishes Analog Devices (China) Co., Ltd.

Analog Devices announced today that it will increase its investment in the Chinese market and upgrade Analog Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to Analog Devices (China) Co., Ltd., as ADI’s headquarters-based organization for investment and operation in China. An important measure to implement the localization strategy in the Chinese market.

After this upgrade, ADI China will have all-round capabilities from demand research, product definition, research and development, market sales and operations. The new company will develop local independent decision-making products for the Chinese market, and provide a flexible RMB payment and settlement model. In the future, it plans to set up a logistics and warehousing center in China, and gradually improve the local supply chain and production cooperation system to enhance support for Chinese customers. strength.

ADI signs strategic cooperation memorandum with Shanghai Huangpu District

Announced the landing of Analog Devices (China) Co., Ltd.

According to the memorandum of strategic cooperation, Analog Devices (China) Co., Ltd. will land in Huangpu, Shanghai, and actively cooperate with the local area in scientific research projects, ecological construction, industry exchanges and other aspects.

As China’s industry upgrades and moves towards digitalization, the Chinese market plays an important role in the world. The implementation of national strategies such as dual circulation and new infrastructure has brought unprecedented development opportunities for China’s industry. Mr. Fan Jianren, President of ADI China, said: “After the establishment of Analog Devices (China) Co., Ltd., it will have more local decision-making capabilities, determine the investment direction of products and technologies, and respond quickly to the innovation needs of the local market. The R&D center has been upgraded to ADI China Product Division, whose role has shifted from supporting global R&D to developing customized products for the Chinese market. This will enable ADI China to better integrate into the local industrial ecology and serve Chinese customers.”

Gao Yun, Secretary of the Huangpu District Party Committee, said: “The settlement of Analog Devices (China) Co., Ltd. in Huangpu District will give full play to the leading and leading role of leading and headquarters-based enterprises, attract key enterprises in the integrated circuit industry to gather, promote the gathering of upstream and downstream enterprises, and drive the The balanced development of the entire industry chain will further improve Shanghai’s core competitiveness in the field of integrated circuit design, accelerate the construction of a two-level scientific and technological innovation ecosystem in urban areas, and promote industrial upgrading and long-term rapid economic development.”