The power Amplifier IC is an indispensable part of various audio equipment. Its function is mainly to amplify the weaker signal input from the audio equipment, and then generate enough current to drive the speaker to reproduce the sound. Due to consideration of power, impedance, distortion, dynamics, and different use ranges and control and adjustment functions, different power amplifiers have different internal signal processing, circuit design and production processes.

Power Amplifier is abbreviated as power amplifier, commonly known as “amplifier”. It is the most basic equipment in the audio system. Its task is to amplify the weak electrical signal from the signal source (in the professional audio system, it is from the mixer) to drive the speaker to produce sound. .
The function of the power amplifier is to amplify the weak signal from the sound source or the pre-amplifier to promote the sound of the speaker. The role of a good sound system amplifier is indispensable