Aluminum electrolytic capacitors extend voltage range

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. (CDE) has expanded its series of 380LX and 381LX aluminum electrolytic Capacitors to include voltages up to 600 VDC. The rated voltage range for the 380LX and 381LX series are 16 VDC to 600 VDC and 10 VDC to 600 VDC, respectively. The new ratings target industrial electronics applications that require higher voltages.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors extend voltage rangeThe 380LX and 381LX snap-in series capacitors offer a load life of 3,000 hours when tested at rated Voltage and ripple current at rated temperature. The 380LX series operates up to 85°C, while the 381LX series meets the same load life at 105°C.

The newly added capacitance values in the range of 150 µF to 330 µF are offered at 550 and 600 VDC in the 380 LX series and 140 µF to 340 µF at 500, 550, and 600 VDC in the 381LX series.

These new devices also provide enhanced ripple current capability up to 3.7 A at full-rated conditions. CDE attributes the performance improvements to the company’s latest advances in electrolyte development, materials, and processing technology.

Target applications for the higher voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors include inverter circuits for renewable energy, UPS systems, battery chargers, motor drives, and welders. CDE’s authorized distributors are stocking the parts now.

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