A major breakthrough!China Great Wall successfully developed my country’s first semiconductor laser invisible wafer cutting machine

A major breakthrough!China Great Wall successfully developed my country’s first semiconductor laser invisible wafer cutting machine

Today, at the critical stage of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control battle to achieve decisive results, there is good news in the field of scientific research in my country: the research staff of Zhengzhou Rail Transit Information Technology Research Institute and Henan General Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. under China Great Wall Technology Group Co., Ltd. With tackling key problems and joint efforts, my country’s first semiconductor laser invisible wafer cutting machine was successfully developed ON May 8, filling the domestic gap and leading the world in key performance parameters. my country’s Semiconductor laser stealth wafer cutting technology has made substantial breakthroughs, and the situation that related equipment is dependent on imports is about to be broken.

The equipment was successfully researched and developed by Zhengzhou Rail Transit Institute and Henan GM for one year, and finally achieved the best light wave and cutting process, which opened the prelude to the development of my country’s laser wafer cutting industry.

Zhengzhou Rail Transit Institute was established in 2017. Over the past few years, the institute has carried out scientific research innovation and technological breakthroughs around independent safety industrial controllers, high-end equipment manufacturing and new-generation information technology breakthroughs. Especially after being acquired by a subsidiary of China Great Wall, Zhengzhou Rail Transit Institute has entered a new round of accelerated development in scientific research innovation and career development.

Wafer dicing is an indispensable key process in the semiconductor packaging and testing process. According to Liu Zhenyu, Vice President of China Great Wall and President of Zhengzhou Rail Transit Institute, compared with the traditional cutting method, laser cutting is a non-contact processing, which can avoid damage to the surface of crystalline silicon, and has the characteristics of high processing precision and high processing efficiency. It can greatly improve the quality, efficiency and benefit of chip manufacturing.

By adopting special materials, special structure design and special motion platform, the equipment can achieve high stability and high precision of the processing platform during high-speed motion. The motion speed can reach 500mm/S, and the efficiency is much higher than that of foreign equipment. In terms of optics, according to the spectral characteristics of single crystal silicon, combined with the application level of industrial lasers, a laser with suitable wavelength, total power, pulse width and repetition frequency was adopted, and finally the stealth cutting was realized.

In terms of imaging, cameras with different pixel sizes and different photosensitive chips are used, and lenses with different functions are used to realize product outline recognition and horizontal adjustment of low, medium and high magnifications. The equipment is also equipped with a coaxial imaging system, which can ensure the real-time confirmation and optimization of the cutting effect and achieve the best cutting effect.

High-end intelligent equipment is the most important weapon of the country and the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry, especially the high-end intelligent equipment in the semiconductor field, which plays a pivotal role in the development of the national economy.

Experts pointed out that the successful development of my country’s first semiconductor laser stealth wafer cutting machine broke the monopoly of foreign countries on laser stealth cutting technology, and has a milestone significance for further improving my country’s intelligent equipment manufacturing capacity. The successful development of this equipment has also created a new model of central enterprises and private enterprises sharing their mission, complementing resources, sharing platforms, and integrating intelligence and innovation. Bottleneck problem success model.

Song Liding, chairman of China Great Wall, said: “Independent safety and core technology have always been the focus of China Great Wall’s scientific research and innovation, and it is also a constant work theme. During the critical period of national development, the researchers of China Great Wall must always keep in mind ‘the core technology Keep it in your own hands, keep in mind that practice has repeatedly told us that key core technologies cannot be acquired, bought, or negotiated. Only by mastering key core technologies in our own hands can we fundamentally guarantee national economic security, National defense security and other security’, take up the responsibility of the central enterprise without hesitation and duty, be willing to be the bench, vow to be the main force, bravely climb the peak of breakthroughs in core technologies, speed up the solution of the problem of “stuck neck”, and strive to be a dreamer in the new era .”